Analog Stations

Contrary to how it may sound, analog is the most common type of control station available.  Normally, these type of stations use a 0-10VDC control signal which make these type of control systems very easy to troubleshoot.  Famouse examples from the past include Electro Controls’ / Strand Lighting’s MicroControl series, EDI’s C and D Designer series, along with countless others.


DMX Control Stations

Johnson Systems DMX control stations are a wonderful addition to any dimmer system capable of receiving DMX.  They are fool proof and their programming can not be lost by power outages or misuse.  This makes them perfect for restaurant or house lighting use, especially after an Envy retrofit.

QD/CD/KD-2000 System Management Controls

These stations were literally made for the 2000 Series retrofit kits.  They provide an easy way to add or extend house light controls to an existing system upon retrofitting a dimmer rack with the added bonus of providing dimmer rack system status.


Johnson Systems CS-2900 Series Universal Analog Stations

cs_2900The 2900 series of analog stations offer “simple value” for new or retrofit applications.  These tough and proven controls will directly replace Strand’s MicroControl line of analog stations.  Available from single to 12 channel with master, preset and take control functions.  These universal stations are commonly supplied for 0-10VDC applications but can be used in applications up to 28VDC making them excellent choices for retrofitted almost any analog station.  Standard finish is black powder coat with while silkscreening or white powder coat with black silkscreening.

Priced from $295.00 to $870.00



Johnson Systems Fixed-program DMX Control Stations

JS-290512-DMXDesigned specifically for single room applications such as corporate boardrooms or similar environments where it is desirable to have a tamper-proof DMX slider control. Master stations can have their Slider to DMX channel "Patch" easily field programmed with a hand held DMX Programmer (CS-DMX PROG) or factory pre-programmed at no cost. Any slider may have any DMX channel "Patched" any number of times. The CS-DMX PROG is a one-time purchase and can be re-used for all future programming. All Master Stations are capable of 64 consecutive channels of "real time" DMX from the selectable start address. Master Stations can support any number of CS-2901-ND or CS-2901-E Entrance Stations allowing for simple multi-entrance applications. Standard finish is black powder coat with white silkscreening or white powder coat with black silkscreening.  Power supplies are also available including a mini power supply that fits in a electrical back box.

Priced from $295.00 to $1095.00



Johnson Systems System Management Controls


These retrofit controls are designed specifically for use with the Series 2000 Control Systems and offer the unique ability to save money by using virtually any existing building wiring. Requiring only three wires, these robust digital controls employ rugged high tactile switches and many advanced system features such.

Standard back boxes can be re-used in many circumstances through the use of Johnson Systems color matched adapter plates. Real time system status reporting via several intuitive LED patterns (eg. X pattern when DMX is live). Available in scratch resistant white or black textured powder coat finish. The controls offer a "slick & quick" cost-effective control solution!


DMX Snapshot record and playback
Individual fade times per preset up to 99 seconds

System power management activation
Tour timer

Automatic DMX lockout
Station lockout


Nine preset, master controller

MSRP $690.00

Emlight $655.00

Portable nine preset controller with 15’ cable

MSRP $850.00

Emlight $805.00

Three preset entrance station

MSRP $620.00

Emlight $585.00

Dry contact interface PCB for building management interface

MSRP $550.00

Emlight $525.00

Signal repeater for data runs exceeding 4000’ or “starred” topology

MSRP $150.00

Emlight $145.00



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Control Stations

Control Stations