Tech Alert

  • For those customers that use Strand Lighting CD80AE dimmer racks: the original OEM power supplies are no longer available and all repairs must now be done in house as a simple repair now entails sheet metal work and the installation of multi-pin crimped connectors.
  • Be aware that replacement daughter memory boards for Strand Lighting CD80SV processors are no longer available and may hinder repair of badly damaged units.
  • EDI has closed its doors and the status of parts not in stock is up in the air until Cooper Industries makes an announcement
  • Cooper Industries has restarted production of the MX dimmer rack, sadly it appears the MVP is history
  • The MOSFET that powers the DC-DC converter in the CD80SV power supply is obsolete and no longer available - now is the time to move to a retrofit solution.
  • EDI Mk VII processor repairs have been discontinued due to obsolescence of many ICs.  A retrofit solution is now available.
  • The large 5V regulator used on Strand CD80 digital pack controllers is now obsolete.  A retrofit solution is now available.

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We specialize in Johnson Systems Inc., Strand Lighting, Electro Controls, Electronics Diversified (EDI), Strand Century, Innovative Dimming, and Doug Fleenor Design lighting equipment.  Whether you need a repair, a new retrofit, spare parts or technical consultation, Emlight is here to serve you.

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